25th Anniversary

2012 - 2013

Thank you for your support of our 25th anniversary season.  Watch this space for upcoming details about our 26th season.

For tickets, contact your favorite Measure for Measure member, call (734) 649-SONG.


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What People Are Saying About
Measure for Measure


"Hill Audiotrium was packed -- who doesn't want to hear the Ninth or its message of brotherly love? -- and overall the orchestra's fans were surely not disappointed by what they heard in this remarkable work ..."

"... the chorus, combining singers from the Carillon Women's Chorale, the Livinigston County Chorale, the Livingston County Women's Chorus, and Measure for Measure -- were mighty and moving."

— Susan Isaacs Nisbett, Freelance Entertainment Writer, for annarbor.com,  September 16 2012

"The wheel of fortune turns, raising some up, casting others down.
But everyone was a winner Saturday evening at Hill Auditorium, where the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, directed by Arie Lipsky, made Carl Orff's secular cantata "Carmina Burana" the centerpiece of its last concert of the season."

"...what better way to demonstrate strong community ties than to feature the community's own young artists?   Those young artists, more than 200-strong along with the men of Measure for Measure, stepped up to the plate. In "Carmina," they sang with aplomb, excellent diction, tonal sensitivity and a real feeling for Orff's style — a tribute to mentors and conductors and to Lipsky as well."

— Susan Isaacs Nisbett, Freelance Entertainment Writer, for annarbor.com, April 22, 2012

"I've said it before [...], and I'll say it again: When my days on this blue planet are up and I'm ready to be planted, it will just fine if Measure for Measure sings while the planting service takes place. Based in Ann Arbor and under the superb direction of Dr. Leonard Riccinto, this male chorus just keeps getting better and better every year. Their gorgeous sound has a depth to it that the college men's glee club seem to lack -- something to do with years and wisdom on the part of the singers?"

— Jeannette Luton-Faber, Current Magazine

"Clear diction, lovely phrasing, and flawless pitch were characteristics of the choir in all the selections. The even distribution of first and second tenor, baritone and bass voices resulted in an unusually fine balance. Another asset was the choir’s ability to contrast soft passages with strong crescendos. The harmonious blend of men’s voices in such an outstanding choir is a rare treat for music lovers"

— The Stratford, Ontario, Beacon Herald

" . . . the big, full sound of Measure For Measure and the precision of their canonic entries left no doubt that this is a choir to be reckoned with. . . . Modern voicings, tight tone clusters, a perfect a cappella section and a rhapsodic accompaniment, with razor-edge intonation and interpretation - it was a flawless performance . ."

The Kitchener, Ontario, Record

" What was, at first, an opportunity for men to perform music composed and arranged for male chorus has grown into a fine regional ensemble that is winning acclaim wherever it goes."

— The Ann Arbor News

" This versatile ensemble is equally at home performing works as sacred as Beethoven's 'Hallelujah' and a combined setting of the 'Ave Maria' to the delightful ditty 'Whistle, Maggie Whistle.' The former sent chills down nearly everyone's spine, while the latter was a hilarious battle pitting the basses and baritones against the tenors."

— The Battle Creek Enquirer

Our Friends

" The drama, the power, the camaraderie, the sonority, and - yes - the humor combined to give all of us a memorable, entertaining experience"

— Milton Olsson, President, ACDA

" . . . a thrilling performance, beautifully sung with incredible control . . ."

— Bruce Trinkley, Dir., Penn State Glee Club

" . . . superb performance. 'Excellence' describes your choir's concert in Detroit."

— Thomas Stauch, Division President, ACDA

" Thank you for the beauty of your music, which was alternatively powerful, joyous, reflective and haunting."

— Kristy Meretta, Eastern Michigan University

" I am inspired. I am so totally inspired."

— 9th grade boy, Oakland Singers

With your glorious voices still in my head, I write to convey my deepest thanks to Measure for Measure! Our community so appreciated your stirring performance!"

— Kathleen Bruski, Alpena Community College